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the same old song we sing

in it for the beat
1 June 1986
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Basic Information
Name: Paiger, also know as Paige, Caenymh, Sage, and Joshynn
Age: 30
Gender: Female
Fandoms: Furry, WoW, Naruto, Harry Potter, Heralds of Valdemar
About a Paiger
I'm a 30-year-old cynic and realist with a more-than-healthy dose of sarcasm to go with it. My faith in humanity has been almost completely shattered at this point, though sometimes I have fleeting bouts of optimism.

I'm a gamer, through and through, and enjoy getting lost in various games and books. World of Warcraft is by far my favorite, and I can often be found on my Resto Druid main, or any number of alts. I also enjoy drawing, playing tabletop RPGs, and hanging out with my friends and sisters. As with any introvert, though, I have to take a break from people sometimes. I also work with Anthrocon as the resident Desktop Publisher, which is quite fun.
World of Warcraft
I'll admit to my addiction. I can't help it, I love this game and I love to raid. Currently, I'm raiding with Tabbed Out of Bleeding Hollow - US.

Paiger's Toons
Bleeding Hollow - US
Caenymh, Empire's Twilight
100 Tauren Restoration/Balance Druid
Blood Elf Havoc Demon Hunter

Gnomeregan - US
Loremaster Cannah
71 Draenei Elemental/Restoration Shaman
Shinjiru, Master of Ways
30 Pandaren Protection/Fury Warrior

Shadow Council - US
Lokasenna the Undaunted
100 Pandaren Elemental/Restoration Shaman
Crusader Zealotry
100 Draenei Holy/Retribution Paladin
Caenymph Ironbane
100 Night Elf Mistweaver/Windwalker Monk
Leshya the Astral Walker
91 Night Elf Feral/Guardian Druid
Mornelithe the Undaunted
92 Fury/Protection Warrior

Blackwater Raiders - US
Dragonslayer Ailurydae
91 Pandaren Holy/Shadow Priest

Misha - US
Cannaheim, Master of Ways
91 Pandaren Mistweaver/Windwalker Monk
Geasa, Blackwing's Bane
90 Draenei Blood/Frost Death Knight
Saranneth the Crazy Cat Lady
54 Worgen Demonology/Destruction Warlock

Rexxar - US
Rashke, Guardian of Cenarius
52 Tauren Balance Druid

Suramar - US
Xaega of the Shattered Sun
100 Pandaren Arcane/Fire Mage
Firelord Kailira
86 Orc Beast Mastery/Marksmanship Hunter
Kalenel the Argent Champion
72 Human Protection Paladin

Playing RPGs is something that I love to do online, as well as tabletop. Unfortunately, a nasty bout of depression killed off most of my muses about a year ago, and I've found no RPGs that have piqued my interest and have lasted.
Other Stuff
My fursona is one Sage Firefox, a red panda of standard coloring and glowstick jewelery. I've always been fond of red pandas, and the strength of this has only grown over the past few years. Unfortunately, it's taken almost a year, since my realization and first true introduction to the fur fandom, for my fursona to finally voice her name.

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